My March 2019 Monthly Income Report

My March 2019 Monthly Income Report
My March 2019 Monthly Income Report

Yes, finally we’re here. My very first income report.

If you’re new here (and you probably are) I will report my income on a monthly base. So what I earn and what I have spent every month will be listed here. I am so excited.

Because this is my very first income report and because I am just starting I was expecting a negative report. I know that I have spent more than I earned but that is ok. I am just starting so I am not worried.

However, I am glad that the negative part isn’t as huge as I expected.

Last week I wrote how I quit the Six Figure Mentors program. I have spent a total of $197 dollars to enroll in this program. Luckily I found out very quickly that this program was not something for me so I was able to get my money back.

What have I learned?

I was thinking of doing a “What have I learned” on every income report so that I can share my failures but also my wins. I think it’s important to face your failures so that you can learn from them.

The Six Figure Mentors.

Like I said before I enrolled in a program called the Six Figure Mentors. Even though I do believe that it’s a good program I do not believe that it was the right choice for me. Mainly because the information given in this program can be found for free. I have listed 5 ways how you can make money online when you have a low-budget.


This week I have been going crazy with a podcast I found out called The Smart Passive Income podcast. It’s run by a guy called Pat Flynn who is making money from the internet by teaching others how to make money.

The advice he gives is so awesome. I’m listening from the beginning, which is 2010, and so much information is still relevant but best of all the information he gives is free. It blows my mind. I highly suggest you check out his website called The Smart Passive Income.

Plans for this month

I also want to address right now my plans for next month and I will do that every month. I have some projects that I want to share with you which you might find interesting or might get inspiration from.


I am such an introvert you won’t believe it. I am not social. I do have a facebook profile and a twitter but I barely use them. But I have to face it, in order to make it big, you have to create a network. I need to make friends.

I started using MeetUp which is a social website where you can find seminars or gatherings close to you.

This Wednesday I will be going to Amsterdam for an entrepreneur gathering and I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m so nervous right now. At the moment 33 people have RSVP’d the seminar.

I will let you know next Monday how that went.

RQC Drone

I have bought a new domain called RQC Drone ( RQC stands for “Remote Quad Copter”. At the moment there is not much on it. I am still building it.

This website will be selling drones and quadcopters. I have a thing for boys toys and one of those things are drones. I love drones. Even though I don’t have a massive collection of them I do love to fly them. They are so awesome.

So on this website, I will try to sell drones through an affiliate link and might give you resources where you can find conventions or training.

I’m also thinking of doing contest once a while but it’s not the main focus at the moment.

Income Report

Wow, I don’t know how to format this. When I write articles I mainly know what I’m going to write about but I haven’t planned it in details. 90% of all articles are written right on the spot without me thinking about it. I just write.

So… Here is my income report.


The Six Figure Mentors Membership$ 197,00
DLS Income Domain Name$ 17.08
SiteGround: DLS Income hosting$ 64.45
BlueHost: RQC Drone domain name + Hosting$ 63.19
Total Spent$ 341.72


Google Adsense:$ 26.19
Google Adsense:$ 1.05
The Six Figure Mentors Membership cancellation$ 197,00
Total Earnt $ 224.24


Total Spent$ 341.72
Total Earnt$ 224.24
Total Loss$ 117.48