I have ditched AWeber for a cheaper/free alternative


Saying that I ditched AWeber is a little bit harsh but it’s not far from the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, AWeber is an awesome service and I would happily encourage you to use them but I have found a similar service that most of you might find more convenient than AWeber.

The new service that I use now is called MailPoet.


For some of you who don’t know what AWeber is, it’s an e-mail service which helps you with marketing, mailing and keeping your subscribers.

Most people will say, the money is in the list and even though that is very true I’m not one of those people who mainly focuses on “the list”.

But whatever you believe in having lots of subscribers, who are also active, will help you in ways you would never imagine.

Pat Flynn from http://www.smartpassiveincome.com always said that if there’s one thing he regrets in his business is not having an e-mail list sooner.

The power of AWeber is in its simplicity. When you sign up you automatically will have to power to:

  • Create/import subscribers
  • Newsletter designer
  • Autoresponders
  • and much more.

After signing up, AWeber also does their best to help you gain more subscribers. They send out a weekly newsletter giving you tips on how to grow.

It would be foolish NOT to have an e-mail service such as AWeber.


I have used MailPoet in the past and I am already using it on some other websites but I have not looked into it more than I should.

From what I know (and correct me if I’m wrong) MailPoet started as a WordPress plugin but having their own mail services.

Everything that I have described AWeber is also included withing MailPoet which at first I didn’t know. Mainly because I did not do more research on it.

When I started doing this blog I read countless of articles on which mailing services is the best and AWeber was always somewhere in the top and I never read something about MailPoet.

That is actually a shame because MailPoet is a powerful tool. The best thing I enjoy about it is that it’s actually inside your own WordPress installation. You don’t have to go to a different website to look into your statistics, subscribers list or even when you’re creating a newsletter you’re doing it inside your own website.

MailPoet has an automated newsletter system that allows you to send the latest articles you have written automagically to your subscriber list without you lifting a finger.

The only reason I didn’t fully commit to MailPoet before is because of the AutoResponders which apparently they totally have. So there is no reason for me not to switch to MailPoet.

AutoResponders are basically pre-written newsletters that you can send out to your subscribers who just joined. This is a must-have if you’re a blogger.

I will go into much details about AutoResponders pretty soon.


Here’s the best thing about MailPoet which I love so much. It’s free.

Well only for the first 1000 subscribers but do you know how much that is? Imagine having 1000 people right now inside your living room. Impossible unless you have a mansion.

Having 1000 subscribers who are also very active is huge and for MailPoet to give their service for free is amazing.

The pricing after 1000 subscribers depends on how much subscribers you have but it’s definitely worth it.

Why aren’t other bloggers talking about MailPoet?

I know right? An awesome service which is free and no one is talking about it?

A lot of bloggers won’t talk about service when they don’t have something to win from. Bloggers are in it for the money so if there’s a product they want to talk about the first thing they do is try to get an affiliate program with them.

MailPoet, how awesome they are, does not have an affiliate program.

YES, I am talking about MailPoet without making money. That’s how much I love their system.

Why don’t you check them out?


Whether you’re new in blogging or not you need to know that having an e-mail list is important.

You need to do your own research in finding the best mail service provider for you. As no one is talking about MailPoet I want to bring them in.

Thanks for reading,

Engin Soysal