How to schedule your time better | Week 15 Recap

How to schedule my time
How to schedule my time

How to schedule your time better… well not your time but my time but when I schedule my time better I believe you can maybe copy my time scheduling so that your time schedule can be the same as my time schedule because my time schedule at the moment SUCKS!!!

That… was a weird… sentence…

Welcome to the recap of week 15. If you are new here I do a weekly recap of what I did last week and what I have learned from it so you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

This week I wanted to talk about…

Time Scheduling

Time Scheduling
Time Scheduling

I want to do so many things. There are a million ideas in my head that I want to start with but most of the time… I don’t have the time.

I want to be very active with this blog, which so far has been going great but I also want to diversify to other projects which I also am very eager to start with.

To get a better understanding this is what’s going on with my life at the moment:

  • I have this blog
  • I have the RQC Drone website which I bought 2 weeks ago and have not started yet
  • I have PPL Plaza which I want to make bigger
  • I have KPOPist which I want to make bigger
  • I have two boys who need a lot of attention
  • I have a lovely wife who also deserves a lot of attention
  • I have exams coming up soon in my field of work which is IT
  • I want to start doing YouTube videos again
  • and so much more.

I need to schedule my time better.

So I made a system for myself. I have spoken with my wife and told her that the next year I will be working hard on online businesses. Luckily I have a very understanding wife. She understands that if I work hard right now I will benefit from this later.

This is basically my system:

06:00 – I go to the gym
08:00 – I take the kids to school
08:30 – I go to work
18:00 – I leave work and come home
18:30 till 20:30 – I give as much attention to my family as I can.

That will be my daily standard activity. Now after 20:30 that’s where I start with online business and I will keep on doing them until 23:00-0:00. That gives me a total of 3-4 hours to:

  • Study for my exams (30 minutes)
  • Record or Edit videos for YouTube (30 minutes)
  • Working on my projects on day at a time (1 hour)
  • Being active on social media and other blogs (30 minutes)
  • Reading a book for at least 30 minutes (30 minutes)

You might be thinking “Engin, you can’t possibly do all of that in 3-4 hours”. You’re right. Most people can’t do that but I can.

That is what I love about me. Once I start doing something I can do it really fast and very good. This article just took me 15 minutes to write. The article on Friday took me 23 minutes to write including images. I am good at this stuff.

I can create a website with good content within 30 minutes and it will look awesome and I love that about myself.

The 2 things I really suck at is marketing and scheduling my time which I am trying to improve at the moment.

I am not saying that you should do what I am going to do because that can be very stressful but I am the person that likes that stress.

If I don’t move forward I get depressed. I then feel like my life has no purpose at that moment so I need to keep challenging myself and passing my limits.

Just like Goku does when he faces an enemy that is stronger than him. Goku gets bored when he’s at home witch ChiChi and wants to fight and when he doesn’t fight he gets depressed.

That was a Dragon Ball reference… I am a big fan… (Anyone saw the Broly movie? That was awesome).

But… even though this is my week I still need to relax… hence

Weekends are just for having fun

Enjoying the Weekend
Enjoying the Weekend

In the weekends I need to distance myself from everything and focus all of my time and attention to my family which is the real inspiration and thrive for me to keep going on.

I take my kids to the city farm every Saturday to feed the cows and sheep and every Sunday we go swimming. I take them to museums and parks. I make sure that during the weekends I am the fun dad and not the grouch.

At the moment we don’t have a date night with my wife because we can’t find babysitters we can trust. My wife is very protective so instead, we do a movie night or an anime night at home. Yes, my wife loves anime and even though I am very much into Dragon Ball that was the only anime I watched before I met my wife.

During the weekend I don’t touch my laptop, I don’t read my e-mails, I don’t think about my online business. I give all of my attention to my family and that is so awesome.

But it’s not just giving attention to them. I need to unwind myself from all the activities during the week. I have a very busy week and even though I love the stress I sometimes do need to clear my head and come down to earth and enjoy life.

Life is short so I need to enjoy it while I’m still here…

Wow… that became deep very fast…

Thank you so much for reading,

Engin Soysal