How podcasting can make you a profit | Part 2


If you have read my previous article where I explained how blogging can make you a profit then you know that today I will be talking about podcasting.

This is part 2 of 5 where I explain different types of way to make money online.

Some people do wonder how they can make money with podcasting which at first it had me baffled as well. However, when I started listening to awesome podcasts I soon realized that podcasts are an excellent way of making money.

Before we start though I need to explain what it takes to have a good podcast.

What is a podcast?


Have you ever listened to a radio station in which they only talk? Well think of that but it’s on the internet.


A podcast is a downloadable audio file or a live broadcast in which you can hear 1 person or multiple people discuss or talk about some subject.

There can be lots of topics you can talk about but if you do want to start a podcast you have got to pick a niche.


Picking a niche

Niche Market
Niche Market

Yes… you have to pick a niche. If you don’t know what niche means, it’s a specific area in marketing where your podcast is all about.

I’m going to copy some text from my “How blogging can make you a profit article” just because the example given there is golden:

The blog you’re reading right now is a niche site about making money online. If you go to my brand new website (which is still in construction) RQC Drone that is a niche site about drones.

Just like writing a blog, having a podcast is the same. You need a topic that your followers are interested in. You can’t jump from one niche to another.


Podcast Content
Podcast Content

As everything you put out, content is very important. You can talk about how your cat pooped the other day which scared you because the poop was the color green… but this content will not appeal to your audience… maybe… if there’s a fetish for that… Is there a fetish for that? I don’t know… can someone check if there’s a fetish for that?

Anyway, you need to talk about content that is relevant to your niche and something that your audience is willing to listen.

There are a ton of podcast that talk about a TV show which is gaining a lot of followers.

You’ve also probably noticed (if you follow these type of things) that a lot of YouTubers is starting podcasts. You’re gaining a lot of followers and making money.


Studio Mic
Studio Mic

Content is great. You can have the best content in the world. Your content can make every person rich and cure hunger but if you have a low, very low, very poor mic which produces a lot of static and noise… chances are nobody’s going to listen.

Quality is very important but your wallet is also important so don’t go buy a very expensive mic. There are cheap ones that have some excellent quality which you can use.

A good example is the Blue Snowball microphone.

*Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link.

This microphone isn’t just a cheap thing it has great quality. A lot of low budget YouTubers and podcasters us this microphone. I highly suggest it.


iPad Mic

Now you have a niche, really good topics, and a killer mic. The next step is to have some consistency when you produce your podcast.

Try creating 2-3 podcast a week for at least 6 months.

Do note that your podcast will not get noticed at the beginning. It will take time before people will notice it and it will take time before you get a following. Just keep doing it consistently and they will come.


Be everywhere

Be Everywhere
Be Everywhere

Just like blogging you need to be everywhere with your podcast. You have to share your podcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tribber, Tumblr (aw that doesn’t exist anymore), google plus (aw that also doesn’t exist anymore) myspace (aw that doesn’t… wait it still exists???).

You have to be everywhere but not only social media but also with other podcasters. If you can get their attention they might shout you out which you can grow even more.


Make Money Online
Make Money Online

I talked a lot about the podcast itself but not about how you can actually make money. Here’s a fair warning: You won’t!

Well, not at the beginning. Most podcasters monetize their podcast with sponsorship or with selling their own products.

If you are a starting podcaster, companies will not approach you because you don’t have a following.

However, if you are going to get big (which you can) you can be damn sure that there is a lot of money to make within podcasts.


As with my previous article (which you should’ve memorized by now) I talked more about the podcast and the content rather about monetization.

Here’s the reason. People will know if you’re doing it for the money. They can smell a faker from a mile away.

If you want to start a podcast, do it because you want to do it… not because you can make money.

Thanks for reading,

Engin Soysal