How blogging can make you a profit | Part 1


It’s a known fact that a blog can make a profit but not a lot of people know how. Today I will be explaining how blogging can make you a profit.

Last week I wrote an article about 5 ways to make money online in which I described 5 different ways where you can have an online income and it’s not that hard (that’s what she said).

All the points I have mentioned in that article I will go by one by one and explain it in detail. This week I will talk about blogging.

Niche Website

Niche Market
Niche Market

You probably heard the term “niche” before when trying to create a website. If you haven’t, niche means a specific area in marketing where your website is all about.

The blog you’re reading right now is a niche site about making money online. If you go to my brand new website (which is still in construction) RQC Drone that is a niche site about drones.

Now before you start creating a website you’ve got to pick a niche. It’s not a mandatory thing but imagine a website where one day they’re talking about NASCAR racing and the week after that about flowers and where you can buy them.¬†You won’t get a following if you don’t have one subject to talk about.

Now don’t go pick out any niche that might make you money but go towards something that you actually know, have experience in, are really interested in or are in the middle of learning and want to share your experience.

I cannot create a website about knitting because I don’t know knitting… I don’t have experience in it… I am not interested so I am not going to learn it. You can imagine that if I create a niche site about knitting that nobody would visit my website.


Writing an Article
Writing an Article

People need to have a reason to come to your website. If you don’t have content than there is no reason to come to your website.

Writing is not an easy task. You can have a writer’s block or the worst of all you don’t know what you’re going to write about. Luckily for you, I’ve written an article that will give you some tips to get awesome blog post ideas.

Google loves content because if they have content they can result in content on their website. You might have heard about their little website.

When you have a lot of content, Google will index it and show your content to people who search for it.

Now SEO isn’t something to take on lightly and I will create an article about this but do know that the more content you create the more Google will take you seriously and will rank you higher in their search results.

I highly suggest that you write AT LEAST 3-4 articles a week when starting for at least 6 months. If you’re just starting Google still needs to index your website. Because you’re new Google will not give much attention but as time goes by and if you do create content on a regular base they will notice you.

Which is why the next advice is very important.

Don’t give up

Dont Give Up
Dont Give Up

It will take months before your blog will have a following and before you can actually start making money with your content.

But as every new business, it takes time before you can actually make it. Did you know most businesses fail within 6 months? The reason is that they don’t see any growth and they just give up. If they would’ve kept on going most businesses would notice that it takes time to build up something.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that EVERY business will make it but it’s better than doing nothing.

There will come a time where you don’t want to continue any longer because your blog isn’t being read. Every post that you create only gets 10 maybe 15 views and that’s you, your mom, your wife and maybe just some friends.

Just don’t give up… keep on writing and eventually you will get noticed.


Be everywhere

Be Everywhere
Be Everywhere

Just writing your blog doesn’t mean that they will come. You have to share your article on twitter, facebook, Pinterest, triberr, Instagram, youtube, etc.

The more you share the more backlinks you create and Google LOVES backlinks.

This is what I mean to be everywhere. If you’re more active on social platforms your blog will come under the radar of other people and bloggers who might find the articles you have written shareable.

That also means interacting with other bloggers that have the same interest as your niche website. The bigger your network the bigger your reach.

I love the term “Be everywhere”.


Make Money Online
Make Money Online

Ok, I have talked about a lot of subjects but the most important one I’ve deliberately kept last because this the least important part of the article but it has the most value.

That sentence was a little bit weird. It’s not important but yet it is.

Monetization is the easiest part of the bunch but you can only make money off your website by having read the rest of the points and understanding them.

You can monetize your website by placing ads. The most common way is using Adsense by Google.

If you sign up to Google Adsense you’ll get a special code that you can place on your website.

This is a completely automated process. It looks not at your website but at the cookies of the visitor and displays the right ads to him/her.

Other types of monetization can be done through affiliate links which I will talk about soon.

You can also have sponsors but that will only happen when you have a good following.

After part 5 I will write an article just about Google Adsense and other monetizations technique.


You probably noticed that I talked more about your blog and the content you should have and not much about monetization. That is because it is so important that you have some content and that the content you have is what you believe in.

You can make money out of every niche but it is important that your visitors find value in your website. After that, you can create money out of your website.

Thanks for reading,

Engin Soysal