February 2019 – Monthly Income Report

dlsincome Paparazzi Black Hat
dlsincome Paparazzi Black Hat

Before I start with the monthly income reports (which will start next month) I want to share with you what I already have.

I will not be starting from scratch. I do own a couple of websites (including this one of course). Like I said before, I do have WordPress experience so I do utilize my knowledge.

PPL Plaza and KPop IST

dlsincome Paparazzi Black Hat
Paparazzi Black Hat

The first websites I will mention are PPL Plaza, which stands for People Plaza and KPop IST, which stand for Korean Pop IST. You can find them at http://www.pplplaza.com and http://www.kpopist.com.

This website is a complete black hat website, which means that I am running these websites not according to the gentlemen rules of the internet. I will explain later what I mean by that.

The purpose of both websites is collecting news from other websites via RSS feed and importing them in its own. I have 10-15 sources from where I want the news to be taken from.

When people visit the websites I get revenue when they either view the ads on the websites or click on them.

Both websites are pretty new as of writing. PPL Plaza was launched in January and KPop IST in February. Both of them are now producing about $1 – $2 a day.



A while back I invested a lot of time on Twitter. I own 15 twitter accounts. Every account has at least 9000-10000 followers. Do mind that they are real people and not bots. Back in 2012-2013 I created these twitter accounts and started following random people who also started to follow me back.

This way I gained a lot of followers.

Black Hat

Black Hat
Black Hat

You probably already understand what Black Hat means. What I have done is NOT according to the gentlemen rules of the internet as I actually do not own any of the content from the news I publish on my website.

I do not advice you do the same thing that I am doing right now because you can get into trouble due to copyright. I am doing it because at the time I found it easy but I understand the risks now and I am slowly tearing down the websites.


So… now you know what I have… Just know that the path I have chosen to go on is going to be completely white hat meaning everything will be according to the rules. The benefits of going white hat are that everything you’ll do is completely yours and you can actually be proud of what you have created.

I hope next month to give you a full report on both black hat websites and this website and I hope with some good news.

Thank you,

Engin Soysal