5 FREE tips about learning how to become rich on the internet.

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So you want to make money on the internet? Do you want to have a 4 hour a day job where you can work sitting at Starbucks?

You can’t… not right away. You need to invest first. But sometimes you just don’t have the money to go to those expensive courses that sell for $1.500 dollars and most of the time you learn nothing at those damn courses. I WANT MY MONEY BACK KAREN!

If you have read my Monday week recap blog about why I quit the Six Figure Mentors you already know what today’s topic will be. I will give you 5 tips that are either very cheap or free for making money online.

Before I start diving in please read my article about the 5 basic principles for success and making money before you read this article. That article alone can be very beneficial for you and is also a good start.

Short answer; The 5 low-cost tips for making money online

  1. LinkedIn Learning
  2. Blogs
  3. Podcasts
  4. YouTube
  5. MeetUp

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning

My first tip is actually the only tip that will cost you money. STOP!!! Don’t click away because you are not obligated to follow this tip nor is this tip that expensive.

LinkedIn Learning has a vast collection of tutorial videos that would blow you away.

If you want to become a digital marketer, a social phenomenon, a Google Ads guru or even play the guitar I can guarantee you that LinkedIn Learning will be the best choice for you.

The first month is free and after that, you’ll pay $29,99 a month to keep on getting that awesome content. For the quality and quantity of videos, the price is not that high.

Their courses are short but powerful. You can learn a lot about SEO within 4 hours. You can literally do 1 course a day. That’s amazing.

Even though I am not sponsored nor do I have an affiliate link (yet) I will promote their platform as long as I can.


2. Blogs


Hey, guess what… You’re not the only one trying to make money online. There are thousands maybe millions of people either trying to make money online or actually are making money online.

Don’t let this number scare you. There is no shortage of money and because there is room for everybody almost every person that is making money online will share their experience and offer free stuff so you can become successful too.

So you need to find blogs that have to do with “Making Money Online” or “Passive Income” or “How To Get Rich Online”. Be careful though because not only are there beneficial websites but unfortunately there are also a lot of scammers. You’ve been warned.

One of my favorite blogs is from a guy called Pat Flynn who is such an amazing guy. I have been following him for some years and actually recently became active with his site. His website, https://smartpassiveincome.com, has so many tips, e-books and much more content that you can get started… for FREE!!!

You can also check other sites which I will give a list soon but for the time being, you can start with Pat.

3. Podcasts


I do not want to sound like a broken record but Pat Flynn also has a podcast which is amazing.

Ok, I promise I won’t promote him any further.

If you have a smartphone (Why wouldn’t you have a smartphone?) go into either the PlayStore or AppStore and download the Google Podcast and log in.

Do you see that search button at the top? Search for “Make Money Online” and you’ll get a ton of podcasters that devoted their podcast mainly on how to become an online entrepreneur. Examples are:

  • ProBlogger
  • The Indie Hackers
  • Internet Business Mastery
  • and the list goes on.

There are podcasts that have a weekly show just to give you tips on what to do to become an online entrepreneur. They all have experience and all of them have failed a bunch of times before succeeding. There is a ton you can learn from them.

4. YouTube


I will not say start watching YouTube videos on how to make money online because those are CRAP!

I’m sorry but there are no good videos on YouTube that will actually teach you on becoming rich. Instead, you’ll see a bunch of Indian guys trying to teach you how to run a business using black-hat techniques which will get you in trouble.

No, what I mean is create a channel for yourself and start posting videos. Don’t do a daily vlog about how you’re brunch was not satisfactory as you hoped it would be… do a vlog where you can improve your skills such as:

  1. Selling a product
  2. Doing a review
  3. Getting used to a camera in your face
  4. Stop saying UM every two sentences
  5. etc.

You don’t have to sell a product off course but you can at least pretend you are. This way you can watch yourself presenting a product and maybe learn what to do next time.

Here’s a challenge for you. Start a 90-day video challenge in which you post a video every day for the next 90 days that includes either a product you like or a book. It doesn’t matter. Do it and send a link to me. Love to see it.

5. MeetUp


I am not endorsed by MeetUp but I do love this app. You can download it on your iPhone or your Android device.

Meetup is not a business version Tinder if you’re looking for that.

You can find seminars in your area about almost any topics. Some topics you really want to attend such as:

  • WordPress Mastery
  • Entrepreneur gatherings
  • Marketing Brainstorming
  • Playing Guitar
  • and so much more

Most of the seminars that are listed in MeetUp are free to attend. Sometimes they meet at a bar or lounge which then you only pay for your drink.

Some webinars are paid but most of them are like 5 to 10 bucks. A lot of them do have valuable information so it is definitely worth to check it out.

If you have read my most awesomest article (is awesomest still not a word?) the 5 basic principles for success and making money I explained why it’s important to mix with other masterminds. It’s a light read (at most 3 minutes) so I suggest you do read it if you haven’t already.


You now have all the tools you need to start with your online or offline business for mere pennies. I will leave with one simple tip which you definitely should follow.

“Just… get… started…”

Thanks for reading,

Engin Soysal